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saynerd Rating
I cannot help it, I am a sucker for a restaurant story! Such a fun industry setting, and when you throw in a host to boot, I am LIVING for the drama that has already accumulated in two chapters. I am thoroughly looking forward to the future of this publication and would urge anyone else to give it a read!
kyokobaby Rating
This is a deceptively mellow-seeming story that really worms its way into your head and then your heart. Don't get me wrong--there's drama. But it's never over the top, and I feel like the problems they come up against are resolved naturally. The story is more about their developing relationship. The art is fantastic too, and really captures the emotion between the two characters, who are really well developed. This is a definite re-read for me.
Nya Rating
Ahhh~ that was such a good and adorable story! The art is just top-notch and I love how the mc's have their own problems but help one another to deal with it. All in all.. great Manga!!
fionav3 Rating
Nice but I wouldn't rave about it. The ending felt very rushed, and it seemed to me that the seme's character development went backwards not forwards? Not a bad manga, just not one of the better ones. Art was nice though.
JenRT Rating
Sweet and sexy. The art is great. The faces are very expressive. You can see what they are feeling from the look in their eyes. The characters' personalities are realistic. A very nice love story that is just steamy enough too.
Sophieneechan Rating
I really liked this one, and it feels more real than a lot of BL. There's some heavy stuff, but it's not too heavy and it doesn't drag on for too long. I love the art too!
Moins Rating
Absolutely blew me away!
HereWeGoAgain Rating
A sweet story with two likable main characters. If you're looking for proper smut, it doesn't happen until the last volume, but it's well worth the wait. I liked how the love story built up between these two. Some reviewers say the ending feels rushed, but for me, it felt more like I wanted more of these two together later on in their relationship.
Ainsomer Rating
The art is fantastic and the story is sexy. Love it so much!
funbrillo Rating
This was a good read. I really enjoyed this and their interactions. They slowly fell in love and it was sweet. I would love to see some more stories from this author. Maybe for some of the other hosts.
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