A Callboy's Secret

author :

Saaya Sara


Shiina's an omega, but his heat symptoms are miraculously mild which enables him to hide his identity and work in Hotel Aureole. His goal is to become a concierge and bring a smile to guests' faces with his work. One day, Toujou, an exceptionally skilled chief concierge, appears in Aureole. He's rumored to be outstanding even among alphas. When he meets Shiina, the boy experiences an exceptionally intense heat! Unable to bear the onslaught of pleasure, Shiina ends up in bed with Toujou, marveling at the fact that he's having sex with someone he's always admired.



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author :

Saaya Sara

publisher :

Mobile Media Research

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Japanese :

Omegano Kakushigotoha Hoteruno Nakade

Localization by :

Mobile Media Research

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A Callboy's Secret 1

Pages: 27

A Callboy's Secret 2

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A Callboy's Secret 5

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A Callboy's Secret 9

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