Love at First Sight

author :

Yumika Kanade


On a fateful rainy day, Arata Shino'oka falls head over heels in love upon venturing into a quiet little tearoom. The one he falls for, Chihiro Kiritani, is a cheerful waiter like none other with a cute smile. Paying no heed to the tearoom's closing hours, Arata is invited to take shelter from the rain and is immediately taken in by both Chihiro's kindness and the tearoom's friendly atmosphere - so much so that he decides to work there part-time! After being there three months, Arata attempts to close the gap between him and Chihiro, but each time he approaches him, he's virtually paralyzed by his cuteness!


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author :

Yumika Kanade

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Japanese :

Hajimemashite no Koi

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