Convenient Marriage, Inconvenient Husband Rogue Diamonds I

To Brent's indignation, his ex-fiancee, Amira, is proposing a fake marriage. Eight years ago on their wedding day, Amira left him at the altar, and he recalls his humiliation with perfect clarity. Since then, Brent has turned his back on love and become a workaholic. As for Amira, she's fallen into financial hardship, and her only way to escape it is by marrying someone before she turns thirty. Brent decides to agree to the marriage-he'll lure her in, then reject her. It's just the beginning of his revenge.


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Convenient Marriage, Inconvenient Husband Rogue Diamonds I

Pages: 129
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artist : Harumo Sanazaki original novel : Yvonne Lindsay Publisher : Harlequin Series : Rogue Diamonds- 1 -

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