I Seriously Can't Believe You...

"I don't think you've realized your true nature yet." That's what Kon tells Iida, the hottest guy at school, wondering how anyone could be so proper. As popular as he is, Iida doesn't seem interested in any of the girls who come after him. Kon and his buddies try to look into the matter by flipping a coin and having Kon approach him with his confession of love, just to see if he's really interested in guys. "I've... never looked at guys like that..." says Iida, falling for Kon's ruse. Kon takes him home, hoping to straighten out the misunderstanding, when Iida suddenly grabs him by the shoulder, and... A story about a mysterious hottie at school and a prince of a certain kind.

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I Seriously Can't Believe You... (1)

He's popular, and he's the best-looking guy at school, but why doesn't Iida have a girlfriend...? The reason is unexpected... or is it? Together with Kon, a prince of a certain kind, Iida starts his search to discover his true self![34pages]
Pages: 34
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I Seriously Can't Believe You... (2)

Ko Yasumura is like an innocent puppy who's determined to become pals with Iida. Ko continues to introduce him to the wonderful world of adult DVDs, but it's frustrating for Iida, as he can't seem to stop thinking about Ko...[38pages]
Pages: 38
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I Seriously Can't Believe You... (3)

While experimenting with different videos, Kon comes across one with some eye-opening action, and asks Iida to help him try it out. The results are amazing, and Iida whispers into his ear that he's adorable... but then starts to avoid him.[36pages]
Pages: 36
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I Seriously Can't Believe You... (4)

Despite Kon not even being Iida's type, he can't seem to get Kon off his mind. When Kon approaches him and suggests that they be friends again, they pick up where they left off. But will they be able to resist their attraction to one another?[37pages]
Pages: 37
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I Seriously Can't Believe You... (5)

Determined to avoid more heartaches over Iida, Kon decides to settle for a normal friendship. But, things start to gain momentum when he takes his brother's advice that friends hold hands and kiss... The final installment in the series.[58pages]
Pages: 58
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author : Jimi Fumikawa publisher : Brite Publishing Kimitte Yatsu wa Konnanimo

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March 26, 2019 (JST)
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