I Wanna Die Before I'm 30

author :

Anji Seina


"Wh-why are you putting your fingers in me while I'm inside Aya!?" Ai was recently dumped by his girlfriend, is on the verge of dropping out of college, and lives in a rundown, soon-to-be-demolished apartment building. He's apathetic with no hopes or dreams for the future, wanting to just kick the bucket when he's 30. On top of that, his apartment walls are thin, making the noises of passion coming from the neighbors difficult to ignore...!!! Though shocked to learn the husky voice begging for it on a nightly basis belongs to a man, it isn't long before Aya (the beauty) and Ryo (the man's man) make him the meat in their love sandwich...!! Welcome to a world of immorality! Author Anji Seina's at their best with this dynamic and tantalizing sausage fest!


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author :

Anji Seina

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30 made ni Shinitai

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I Wanna Die Before I'm 30 (1)

Pages: 46

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