We Don't Know How To Make Love

author :

Namiko Nanba


Suzu Momose is a 28 year old and virgin. She has been in love with a handsome university student, Hoshina, who works part time in her department. Suzu wants to tell him how she feels before he graduates and gets a full-time job in the spring. Surprisingly, Suzu finds out Hoshina has liked her, too, but their first sex doesn't go well..."Are we sexually incompatible...?" It troubles Suzu, so her colleague Sasazaki tells her, "Why don't we practice?"



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author :

Namiko Nanba

publisher :

Mobile Media Research

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Japanese :

Watashitachi ha Sex no shikata ga Wakaranai

Localization by :

Mobile Media Research

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We Don't Know How To Make Love(1)

Pages: 51

We Don't Know How To Make Love(2)

Pages: 51

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