I'll Educate You on Everything

Chiaki left his phone at school, so he goes back that evening to retrieve it. While he's there, he hears soft moaning coming from a nearby room and decides to take a look, only to find Mr. Chiba, the math teacher, taking it from another man... Despite being geeky, all the girls love Mr. Chiba, who in turn constantly nags Chiaki about getting more tutoring. Although hesitant, Chiaki takes this chance to blackmail Mr. Chiba and snaps a picture of the two men in action. The next day, Chiaki shows Mr. Chiba the photo during his tutoring sesssion after school. Instead of freaking out, Mr. Chiba simply smiles and kneels down, then takes Chiaki in his mouth to "bribe" him! This is the start of extra-curricular lessons between a cocky fool and a two-faced teacher!

( Current vol 2 )

I'll Educate You on Everything (1)

Chiaki never expected to see two of his male teachers going at it, but he can't miss this opportunity to get his own back on Mr. Chiba...[32pages]
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I'll Educate You on Everything (2) NEW

Chiaki is confused after his encounter with Mr. Chiba, and he can't seem to get the teacher out of his mind. He decides that he's not going to any more tutoring sessions, but how long will his conviction last?[32pages]
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author : Chito Hanakawa publisher : SHU-CREAM POP Ichi kara Oshiete ageru

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