If You're Nice, Eat Me Up

author :

Shiro Hasumi


Jin works as a chef in a small coffee shop, and on his way home one rainy night, he finds Leo, a host, huddled up and looking distraught. With the sole intention of giving him a warm meal and a place to sleep, Jin takes Leo home... only for Leo to pounce on him and have Jin for dessert! Although Jin already told Leo he can stay for as long as he likes, he's not sure he can handle Leo's special form of repayment... He's starting to fall for the younger man, but with Leo pulling away when things get too personal, what's Jin to do...?


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author :

Shiro Hasumi

publisher :

ShuCream POP

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Japanese :

Yasashiku shitanara Nokosazu Tabete

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If You're Nice, Eat Me Up (1)

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