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Both of author's releases are beautiful but this one has taken a noticeable change. The work is more clean-cut and even more detailed, which I greatly appreciate and respect the author for. Series is set with the typical plot, troubled kitten gets taken in and repays with sexual favors. Although only one volume is released so far, I feel that the series is developed nicely and did not feel like the attraction was rushed. I really like Jin and his caring nature, though he was wrong to intrude on Leo's privacy a bit, but we needed this to keep the momentum going ;) . Looking forward to seeing how Leo faces his reality and how their love story unfolds.
Clevergoat15 Rating
The first two volumes were good but volumes three and four were beautiful. I was also completely caught off guard by Kaname in volume three. The relationship between him and the boss of the most amazing things I have ever read.
animepie Rating
Oh wow. I absolutely loved this. The stories were caring and sweet with some dark elements in the background. I especially loved the second couple. Manager is just too sexy.
Fujoshi1 Rating
Great stories to read! I liked both the original and the side Story, but the second one just stole my heart. I recommend anyone to buy this manga
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