An Enticing Debt to Pay

It's a lie! Her mother can't be committing embezzlement! Ravenna was shocked. Jonas Devson seems like an angry and hate-filled man. Ravenna's mother used to be a maid at the Devson family's estate, but she fell in love with Jonas's father. After Jonas's father passes away, Jonas was sorting the enormous inheritance and realized that a large sum of money was missing. Revenna claimed that she did it, not her mother. Realizing that her mother took the money to give Ravenna a good life, she can't help but take the blame in order to hide the truth. And so she becomes a maid as punishment.


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An Enticing Debt to Pay

In order to atone for her mother's sins, the innocent girl is captured by the young master.[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Nina Hatori original novel : Annie West Publisher : Harlequin

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