Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby

Trevor Jarrod enjoys his hobbies, works hard and ends his days with liquor and music. All he needs now is a beautiful woman. Then one day, as he revels in his bachelorhood, he receives a Christmas present-a baby son! Trevor requests a DNA test and asks Haylie, who is raising the child, her late sister's, to live with him until they get the results. Haylie was distrustful of Trevor before they met, but she imagines she is safe living with him. After all, she's the opposite of her flashy sister, so there's no way anything could happen between them, right?


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Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby

She must live under the playboy's roof, but at least it's only temporary...[129pages]
Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Sara Nakayama original novel : Heidi Betts Publisher : Harlequin

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