Bird-in-a-cage Lover

author :

Kiha Chihana


In the Taisho period, a girl named Suzu comes to Tokyo to look for a job to send her family money. She is attacked by some guys and gets injured on her way home. A guy from a rich family named Kaname Hanabusa helps her and brings her his home. "Why does he touch me so gently and wash my body?" Kaname desires Suzu's body night and day. "You say I'm just a little girl to you, but what's the name of your act that you do to me?"


Mature_Romance_MangaJapanese_CultureMillionaires/Billionaires200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Kiha Chihana

publisher :

Mobile Media Research

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Japanese :

Kago no Naka no Kinai Shiiku

Localization by :

Mobile Media Research

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