The Last Omegaverse

author :

Shinta Harekawa


100 years have passed since alphas and omegas went extinct... Now, they can only be read about in the pages of school textbooks. In a world full of betas, Yutaro Ayase, a rare omega, was born. He spends his days acting in guy-on-guy adult movies in order to pay for the expensive suppressants he secretly takes. Convinced that he'll never be able to fall in love like everyone else, he one day meets Ryo Inukai, a man who could be his destiny. Unsure of why's he's so attracted to Ryo, Yutaro finds himself thirsting for the executive director. Just when they're about to make love for the first time, though, something happens!
Is this feeling love, or just basic instinct...? Mankind's last alpha and omega are driven by carnal desire in this dramatic love story!


Yaoi_MangaOmegaverseErotic_WorkerDoctors/ScientistsLocalized by Renta200pts-299ptsUpgrade HotCompleted

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author :

Shinta Harekawa

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ShuCream POP

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Last Omegaverse

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