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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Omg!!! This is not your typical yaoi. It's more mature feeling. Kaoru and Ishin are a singing duo that more or less get along. I love that this has a bit of a slow burn feel. They're more focused on their music and 'making it big' then what they really mean to one another. But once they finally stop avoiding their truth and realize they're on the same page it's on!!! The art is great and surprisingly very detailed. I'm loving their journey and the subtle nuances of romance and real life feelings
Naichi Rating
This was seriously cute! I love characters who's opposing views clash yet leads them to love. The pace of the story, the art, and the rants between the MCs made it so easy to fall into their world
ebookrenta0ztfdw23u Rating
Loved it. I liked the fast pace and the art style a lot. I wish the story would've continued after!
Mell Rating
That was so good. Instant favourite, this absolutely shocked me with how good it is.
secretobsession Rating
So the story itself is an awesome concept, but the pacing is all over the place as if the mangaka was rushed to finish this, it's like one second they're on stage and the next they're already in the middle of having sex. Nothing leading up to that moment, like I was looking forward to the awkward coming home passionate scene. There's room for character development as well but I fear this will also be rushed and cut short as well.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Man I really liked this story. I will admit that it was almost frustrating to follow at times because there was these gaps in the story sometimes that I wished weren't there. But aside from that, I adored the vibe and the characters. Great read overall. 4.5
AlwaysAnju Rating
To be honest, I bought this after reading the first volume and really liking that kiss, but I didn't end up liking the rest at all. The pacing of both the story and the relationship were all over the place, the art style was a bit messy and their language with each other felt really uncomfortable. I couldn't tell if it was a poor translation or just really poor word choices, but they were hard to understand and it made adult scenes super cringey. Only stars were because the chaotic art style suited the dramatic performance scenes - those at least turned out really pretty and I honestly would have loved to hear that concert.
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