Companion Limited

"If you can't change my mind in three months... die with me."

Saku, a college student, hears news that the orphanage he grew up in going out of operation. He goes to the president of the company purchasing the orphanage to negotiate with him directly. The president agrees to rethink the deal under one condition... that being "meet my son and change his mind"!? Leo, his son, is smart and handsome but has a pretty troubled personality... Saku is instantly picked on and rough-handled... Where will this life-risking (?) negotiation between the worst opponent imaginable go?

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Companion Limited (1)

Saku finds out that the orphanage he grew up in is about to be closed. To avoid that, he decides to speak to the president of Tsukishiro company. The president agrees to reverse the sale of the property. However, he has a special request...[44pages]
Pages: 44
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Companion Limited (2)

Saku, who grew up in an orphanage, is faced with a rich boy that risks his life...![36pages]
Pages: 36
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Companion Limited (3)

Saku begins to feel the weight of working with Leo. However, with the orphanage being upgraded and seeing the children thrive, he is determined to do everything it takes. One day, he visits Leo but there's another visitor...!?[32pages]
Pages: 32
Rent (48hrs) : $

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Companion Limited (4)

Leo begins to wonder why Saku hasn't visited in a while. He visits Saku's home, only to find out Saku wasn't dropping by because of his home work. Things soon begin to escalate...![40pages]
Pages: 40
Rent (48hrs) : $

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Companion Limited (5)

With the deadline for the "promise" ticking closer, Saku proposes to mediate a conversation between Leo and Mr. Tsukishiro. On a visit to Leo's house, Leo suddenly asks Saku to forget about the promise and...!?[42pages]
Pages: 42
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Roca Kato publisher : Brite Publishing Michidure Limited

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