Author Ryusei Kaji's Romantic Days [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

The fifth and final book in the "Author Ryusei Kaji" series!! Love between the popular-but-arrogant novelist and his serious, timid editor.

Ryusei Kaji's editor slash lover Midori Kobayakawa prepares a secret gift for Ryusei on the first weekend. On the second weekend, while Midori is at a party, Ryusei sweeps in and takes him away...
Ryusei Kaji's past is finally revealed! Don't miss the poignant finale to the series!! "Folk Tales from Around the World with Midori" and other spin-off stories included, too! Even fan favorites Atsushi and Katsuyori make an appearance! 26 pages of previously unpublished material.

Also includes 3 pages exclusive to the digital edition!

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Author Ryusei Kaji's Romantic Days [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

On the first weekend, Midori Kobayakawa, the editor slash lover of the popular novelist Ryusei Kaji, prepares a very special gift for Ryusei. The second weekend, Ryusei barges in on a party Midori's attending and whisks him away to...[205pages]
Pages: 205
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author : Ritsu Natsumizu publisher : HOUBUNSHA Co.,Ltd K-Sensei no Renai na Nichijou

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