I'm the Only One Who Knows Your Body

Will you make love to me? Just once? Ryohei is a guy who cannot commit. He is tired of being asked by the people he sleeps with, "Do you actually like me!?" On the day of their high school graduation, the smartest guy in their grade, Yuma, asks Ryohei for a favor. "Two guys? He can't be serious." Ryohei can't believe what Yuma's asking him to do, but he is intrigued by Yuma's offer of "no strings attached." It's Ryohei's first time with a guy, and he finds himself growing curious as he watches Yuma's sensitive body twist and turn. Even if he doesn't say it in words, Ryohei can tell Yuma has deep feelings for him, which triggers Ryohei's assertive side...! A tantalising story about a devoted bottom who awakens something in a stubborn top.

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I'm the Only One Who Knows Your Body (1)

You're hard just from kissing? You're unbelievable. The dominating egotistical top and the shy and unsure but devoted bottom.[27pages]
Pages: 27
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I'm the Only One Who Knows Your Body (2)

After a random hook-up, Ryohei visits Yuma's college out of curiosity. He decides to wait in the college library until Yuma finishes his shift there. When Ryohei sees Yuma smile at another guy, it triggers something inside him...[32pages]
Pages: 32
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I'm the Only One Who Knows Your Body (3)

Because of Yuma's exams and Ryohei's band practice, the two of them become too busy to see each other. When Ryohei calls Yuma to see how he is, he catches Yuma doing something very naughty, and decides to help him out over the phone...[29pages]
Pages: 29
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I'm the Only One Who Knows Your Body (4)

Yuma goes to see Ryohei's band perform, but when he sees Ryohei talking to a girl, he feels completely heartbroken. Was Yuma expecting the impossible from Ryohei? Or will Yuma's hopes for a future with Ryohei come true?[49pages]
Pages: 49
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I'm the Only One Who Knows Your Body (5)

Ryohei has never treated any of his past relationships seriously, but with Yuma, he's starting to feel something he's never felt before. He's realizing what Yuma means to him, and something's changing in him.[31pages]
Pages: 31
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author : Iroha Usui publisher : ShuCream POP Ore shika Shiranai Karada

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January 17, 2021 (JST)
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