User Reviews For: I'm the Only One Who Knows Your Body


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vanlee84 Rating
Looking forward to read more chapters, this mangaka is seriously talented, I love the art so much, beautifully detailed hands and eyes, perfection!
Cygnus Rating
YESSSS!!! Finally another work from Iroha Usui sensei! Soo happy!! Been waiting for this series to be in Renta! Sensei definitely awesome at capturing human expressions, that just make characters more likable, livelier, and sex scene that much hotter! Can't wait for the rest of chapters to be release!
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I love the artwork of Iroha Usui. It is just unique and breathtaking. To top it off the stories are fantastic! I love this one so far because even though it has all the typical things yaoi lovers want, it is different. I love seeing two characters that are widely opposites learn how to fall in love. This is definitely a MUST! Also, check out "More Than Just The Physical" cause it is AWESOME as well!
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