Fantasy Virgin

Jun Kayano always puts on the works: bleached hair, flashy makeup and nails, and clothes that show plenty of skin. Everyone around her thinks she gets around, but she's actually never found true love. Every time she gets near a guy, she gets lost in wild fantasies! But then, she falls in love at first sight. When her big sister hears that her first true love is just more fodder for her fantasies, she has some pointed advice (and a good kick in the back) for her. Will Jun finally be able to get past her fantasies and find love!?

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(Current ch. 10)New Release: Apr 16, 2021 (JST)

Fantasy Virgin (1)

Jun dresses provocatively, but every time she gets near a guy, she gets too lost in her fantasies to make a move! Will she finally be able to get close to the guy she likes without breaking down or running away?[47pages]
Pages: 47
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Fantasy Virgin (2)

Jun finds out that the boy she has a crush on at work is actually her next¡½door neighbor! Despite her constant fantasies, she can't get up the nerve to even talk to him. And without her sister around, she can barely survive on her own![53pages]
Pages: 53
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Fantasy Virgin (3)

Jun's sister gives her a thank you gift to give to Kanou. Jun is planning to give it to him and run, but Kanou invites her inside for lunch! Jun's never been inside a guy's room before![52pages]
Pages: 52
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Fantasy Virgin (4)

Jun completely misunderstands her sister's advice to get to know Kanou better, and she tries to sneak behind him as he goes about his day. Don't try this at home![37pages]
Pages: 37
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Fantasy Virgin (5)

Rin, an old friend from Kanou's past, comes over to visit, and doesn't seem happy with the amount of attention he's paying to Jun. Rin challenges Jun to a contest to see who can be more womanly and win Kanou's love![62pages]
Pages: 62
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Fantasy Virgin (6)

Jun and Kanou go on a shopping date, but Jun misses the point of her sister's advice and embarrasses herself in front of Kanou. But, she doesn't have time to apologize, because a strange man seems to be following Jun![39pages]
Pages: 39
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Fantasy Virgin (7)

Rin comes by Jun's apartment to hang out and apologize for earlier. But, when he hears that Jun's date with Kanou didn't going well, he decides to play matchmaker and take matters into his own hands.[38pages]
Pages: 38
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Fantasy Virgin (8)

Jun is invited to a mixer by a classmate at her college. Her sister tells her to refuse, but her classmate is so excited that she ends up going anyway. And to make matters worse, Kanou has been invited, too![56pages]
Pages: 56
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Fantasy Virgin (9)

Rin is back, and this time he's got a proposition for Jun: he secretly made a copy of Kanou's key, and he'd like to take her on a tour of Kanou's apartment! Will Jun do what she knows is right, or...?[44pages]
Pages: 44
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Fantasy Virgin (10) NEW

Jun's license is up for renewal, which means that she can finally get rid of the terrible picture she has. But then, she happens to run into Kanou. Now she has to choose between seeing a grotesque horror flick with him or erasing her dark past![59pages]
Pages: 59
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Yukino Seo publisher : HAKUSENSHA Mousou Shojo

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