Love Potion for a Vampire Boy

Akihiro Hasumi has a fair complexion and a secret: an ancestor of his was a vampire. One day, he's drinking at home with Kazutaka, a guy he's been friends with since they were kids, gets drunk and gives away his secret. As a die-hard occult enthusiast, Kazutaka is dying to see if Akihiro can turn into a scary vampire and begs him to drink his blood. Akihiro grudgingly obliges... and a little bite is all it takes to make him start to feel funny... dreamy-eyed... and excited...

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Love Potion for a Vampire Boy (1)

Akihiro is a regular college kid who has a vampire as an ancestor. Kazutaka, a buddy since they were kids, begs him to drink his blood. The next thing Akihiro knows, something inside is turned on and he can't help feeling excited...[33pages]
Pages: 33
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Love Potion for a Vampire Boy (2)

While Akihiro knows he shouldn't be acting like a vampire with his best friend, Kazutaka doesn't seem to mind it at all. In fact, he tells Akihiro that he's the only person that he has ever gotten so intimate with...[35pages]
Pages: 35
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Love Potion for a Vampire Boy (3)

Akihiro is stunned when Kazutaka finally declares his love to him. It doesn't seem real, though. Akihiro is sure that it has to be the magical enchantment of vampirism that's making Kazutaka think he's in love...[34pages]
Pages: 34
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author : TANNOSIO publisher : JULIAN PUBLISHING Love Potion Blood Boy

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