Careful, Or I'll Catch You! -The Wild Playboy's Doting Embrace-

Fuuka Takano works part-time at a bar. One day, when she gets caught up in a fight between customers, Kai, one of the regulars, comes to her rescue. Kai is a playboy who works as a host?not exactly Fuuka's type. But, when she invites him to her place so she can treat his wounds, he makes her allow him to stay there as her kept man until he's healed. Surprisingly, he turns out to be gentlemanly and kind as he lives in her home, and he has Fuuka's heart racing. At least, until one night when his behavior makes a complete reversal! He pushes her down and starts touching her most intimate places, getting her more than ready for action. Once the main event begins, Fuuka feels so good, she loses control! This wild playboy's doting embrace is so amazing, he has Fuuka's body and heart melting!

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Careful, Or I'll Catch You! -The Wild Playboy's Doting Embrace- (1)

In her living room in the middle of the night, a wild playboy pushes Fuuka down to have his way with her. His rough, doting embrace is more than enough to get her hot and bothered![27pages]
Pages: 27
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Careful, Or I'll Catch You! -The Wild Playboy's Doting Embrace- (2) NEW

Kai's attitude abruptly changes after he and Fuuka spend the night together, leaving Fuuka to wonder whether or not he feels the same way about her.[27pages]
Pages: 27
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author : kuromisa publisher : Bevy Sonna Muboubi dato Daichauyo? Yajuu Host no Dekiai Sex

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