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amour Rating
I absolutely never leave a review, but definitely needed to leave one for this. I love both characters. The MFL wants to help people but has troubling speaking to anyone she doesn't know. The hero is so stoic that it seems he doesn't know emotions. The fact that he's so patient with her and wants to help her overcome her fears is fantastic. And man is HOTT! Definitely looking forward to more of this story!
audlew270 Rating
Very cute and sweet. Love the main guy and gal's dynamic. He's very respectful of her boundaries, which is a rarity on this site. I'm excited for more!
hanabira Rating
I'm 3 chapters in and this is the most wholesome, sexy thing ever. I hope it stays this way!!
Mapford77 Rating
This seems like a super interesting and sweet story. I love how the two leads connect with one another and how they can understand one another, even when others can't. I'm super excited to read more of this!
chouchou Rating
such lovely art and writing...! the male lead is genuinely a good person who is honest and thoughtful of the female lead. he's also quite emotionally vulnerable and courageous compared to other male leads in the genre, it's really sweet and touching. a rare love manga where there's believable emotional intimacy as well as physical. must read!
Envymi Rating
This is good. You definitely won't regret getting this, can't wait for the next one.
Xomoxo1213 Rating
Wow. I did not expect to like it so much. The art is beautiful, the characters are great, and it really leaves you wanting more(in a good way). I am excited and looking forward to what comes next in this series!
DarthVader Rating
Good story so far (1 chapter). The protagonist appears like a push-over but luckily the male protagonist is very considerate and waits for her consent.
Mangareader Rating
This is pretty darn consensual but the pent up-ness is still really cute to watch! I'm glad they're really communicative and willing to work with each other in more ways than one!
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