User Reviews For: The Toughest Guy in School is an Omega!?


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Cygnus Rating
LMAO!! This is funnier than I expected. Love triangle between tough omega, beta best friend and alpha gang leader. Looking forward to see how this will all turn out.
kurome Rating
This is awesome!! I love the characters especially the uke being a black haired tough omega XD and the storyline is very creative, can't have underage sex bc all omegas have chastity belts and can be only opened till they are adults or an alpha can get the special master key but they gotta find it~ I highly recommend this story its very entertaining ?
Jynksy Rating
OK, I don't write reviews often, but I have to for this one. I was already giggling half way through chapter 1. This is cute, and great so far. Only 2 chapters are out right now. But I like this!!!
eboorenta027ejryim Rating
Just got it. I like the style of the manga . This is a cute story. The story seems like it will progress nicely . I like protagonist and to love interest like that it's Omega verse
gustavbel Rating
The concept is kind of dumb and makes even less sense once you're shown pictures of the chastity belts, but it makes it work by not taking itself too seriously, and by being pretty funny. I thought it was a pretty good read.
TiredFox Rating
I love first as well this it's funny XD and hot all the same time
Lala Rating
Latest chapter,(chap 4) fantastic?.
ebookrenta0e86z196y Rating
Really good
Maevalily Rating
Oh wow gotta say I did not expect it to turn out that way ? such a bold omega hahahaha it was hilarious too!
ravenCross Rating
This manga is really good and cute at the same time because he is the angriest person but tones down a lot for his partner.
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