Pillow Talk From "Talk To Me"

Fans of "Talk to Me," get ready for a treat!
Kaito and Ryo are back!
The two are still deeply in love, although something has really been bothering Kaito lately.

He and Ryo only see each other at night, and things always seem to get physical between them...
Then, one day, Ryo asks Kaito to move in with him.
Can Kaito get over his stubbornness and tell Ryo what he really wants?

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Pillow Talk From "Talk To Me" (1) NEW

Kaito and Ryo have only been seeing each other at night, and it's become a huge problem for Kaito. Ryo, on the other hand, proposes moving in together, but will he be able to satisfy Kaito's needs.. especially if Kaito never says anything?[40pages]
Pages: 40
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author : Rainy Wata publisher : Brite Publishing Series : Talk to Me Physical Talk Room

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