Saving My Favorite For Last [Plus Bonus Page]


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In a world evolved from cats, both males and females can give birth. Raised in an orphanage, Kazui (mixed breed) has always had a strong desire for a family of his own. He doesn't need a baby daddy, just children of his own flesh and blood. He wanders the streets looking for someone to plant their seed in him.

One day, his boss sets him up with a new job as manager for a popular model, Noah (purebred). Kazui starts feeling comfortable around the ever-doting Noah, and fantasizes about being happy having more than just kids with him...

Along with the cover story about a hot model and his lonely, starving-for-love manager, this comic is filled with love stories between cat men, including a mixed-breed model who's a sore loser and his much older, talented-yet-punishing manager, and a boss and his shallow subordinate who are dynamite in bed together!


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Takeshobo co.,ltd.

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Koubutsu ha Ichiban Saigo ni Hara no Naka

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Saving My Favorite For Last [Plus Bonus Page]

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