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MrCarloCat Rating
Omg, another manga by Tsutako Tsurusawa! I've been waiting to read the whole volume of this, so I'm really glad it was finally translated!! I love the art and the smut. I wanna pet their fluffy ears and tails so badly >.< Tbh I would've liked for the stories to be a bit longer (especially the first one), but it's still great nonetheless!! Definitely worth the purchase, in my opinion :)
Seregil Rating
Can't go wrong with catboys! The characters are cute and the sex scenes are deliciously filthy. <3 Incest warning for the last couple/story (pg 160-190).
TFuu2000 Rating
I would give it give stars, but that last story, the human one, didn't sit well with me. I loved all of the cat stories though, and the children/kittens were sooo cute! I recommend it for the car people stories. I would say more about that human story but I don't want people to not but the book and miss out on the kitties! Of the for couples 3 are felines and two of the feline couples get extra chapters. So buy the book! And let's pretend the human story doesn't exist yeah?
KoolKat9 Rating
Love the art. I'm not usually one for mpreg, but then again we don't really see the full pregnancy just a before and after thing. I just wish that the first story was a little longer because I was very invested.But do be warned the last story is incestuous. I wish I read the reviews which warned of this. Luckily it was at the end so I just skipped over it.
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
An absolute delight from start to finish, definitely a new favorite that I will re-read many times. Smutty, adorable, mpreg, tails, cuteness, more cuteness, everything is good and nothing hurts.
MioAkiyama Rating
Do you like cats?Catboys? Cat babies? Pregnant catboys? Read it. The smut, babies, and all those handsome-looking catboys. It's so damn fluffy, lovely and eye candy all the way.
YanJun Rating
It was so enticing the stories...I finished everything in less than 50 minutes!!Totally recommend this to anyone who loves yaoi!!
honeyyy Rating
I enjoyed each pairing. Did not expect the last story tbh, but it was cute ig? There's incest, but it's not necessary to read to enjoy the volume.
Emerald Rating
It was great. The only thing was the incest near the end.
Rinisama Rating
Didn't really care for the incest chapter, but the rest of the manga was cute.