Platonic Boy And The Tentacle Table

Tatsuki and Kouichi have been living together for a year and love each other, but are yet to be intimate together. Tatsuki has been dumped numerous times over his insatiable nature in the bedroom and has become traumatized due to these experiences. The more he loves Kouichi, the more he witholds himself. Tatsuki's love grows each day the more repressed he becomes... Until one day, when a strange experience changes everything. Warm and cozy under the blankets of his heated kotatsu table, tentacles suddenly appear! Tatsuki is racked with guilt as the tentacles ravish his body. This is no ordinary kotatsu table, and it's really turning up a heat in Tatsuki that he's been holding back for far too long. But, does Kouchi know more than he lets on...?

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Platonic Boy And The Tentacle Table (1)

Tatsuki and Kouichi are lovers who have only ever kissed, due to Tatsuki's insatiable nature in bed. Until one day, when a mysterious kotatsu table takes on a life of its own, revealing Tatsuki's secret repression...![51pages]
Pages: 51
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author : Towadako publisher : FILL-IN Shokusyu Kotatsu to Platonic Boy

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