Your Wish is My Command

author :

Tamaki Kirishima


Takeru, the only son of Yakuza family, has one problem: Although he's already a college student, he's still being treated as a child by his minder, Naruse. From home to campus, to even toilet! Naruse never backed down. So Takeru decided to turn his minder's overcaring into a weakness he can exploit, so without any further resistance, he asked Naruse to do something pervert. But why did Takeru is the one who feels uncontrollably horny?! "Your wish is my command" is a run-and-chase passionate relationship between master-servant that would leave you attached while holding excessive laugh.


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author :

Tamaki Kirishima

Japanese :

Kiiteyarukara Ittemina?

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Your Wish is My Command

Pages: 179

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September 09, 2022 (JST)
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