The Effect Of Love And Passion And Magic [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

author :

Chiaki Kasai


After failing at love in his past,Misato Hoshina decides he's going to only enjoy reckless romance. He now works part-time for a company that ends relationships. One day,he receives an assignment to bed a man named Kazuya who has a habit of sleeping around. Going by the name "Shota," he finds the man using information his office obtained. However,despite matching features and name,he can't help but notice his target looks less like a player and more like a grade-A klutz. In order to get evidence,he lures Kazuya into a hotel room. It turns out,though,his prey is interested in nothing more than sweet and innocent pleasure...!

A break-up artist with no hope for love meets a love newbie who's just about to hit 30. They only need one more push... to fall for each other!

*Includes four digital-only bonus pages.


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author :

Chiaki Kasai

publisher :

Takeshobo co.,ltd.

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Japanese :

Koi to Sei to Mahou no Sayou

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The Effect Of Love And Passion And Magic [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

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