Although Ichi Matsuura is just a regular human being who isn't good at dealing with beast people, he works in Beast Welfare Services, managing relations between humans and beast people. One day, he accidentally steps on a beast person in a cat state and hurts him. He takes the cat to the vet to learn that the man can't return to his human form until the swelling goes down. He has no choice but to take him home and calls it a night with the cat in his bed. When he awakens later, he feels a tingling sensation in his body...!

Ichi is stunned to find a man with red eyes and dark skin in bed with him!! The cat he rescued has changed form, and he's surprisingly aggressive?but that's not the only thing that surprises him. He's visiting royalty...

This is a story about a fated romance between a free―spirited aristocrat and a commoner with an inferiority complex whose life is about to change...


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Nonki Suzumoto

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Kemon Ouji ha Ummei no Koi wo Hanasanai

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