A Stomachful of Secret Delights [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

In a world of people evolved from cats, where both males and females can have children... My cute, sweet Noris has adored me ever since he was little. As kids, we even promised to get married. I decided to become a chef to feed him delicious foods and make him happy forever. He's the love of my life... But one day, I see him smiling at some guy I don't know. I thought that smile was only for me...!! All this bottled-up stress and jealousy is making me lose control of my pheromones...
Includes four digital-only pages.

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A Stomachful of Secret Delights [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

A world full of cat-men and the cat-men they love. Follow the lives of three brothers as they purr and prance through angst-filled, passionate romance.[203pages]
Pages: 203
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author : Tsutako Tsurusawa publisher : Takeshobo co.,ltd. Kobutsu Ha Kossori Kakushite Hara No Naka

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