As My Brother Wills -please, no more...!

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No! It won't fit...!" His more than ample brother pushes inside of his tight backside... Haru -- one of the shyest boys in school -- lives alone with his father. That is until his father decides to remarry, and he suddenly finds himself with a new older brother! Haru tries to get along with his new family despite his anxiety and discomfort, but... Aki -- a university student -- immediately latches onto Haru's weakness! Aki is extremely fond of small, cute animals so Haru quickly becomes his prized possession. Aki teases Haru and uses his weakness against him to force his way into Haru's room, then..., "Good boy. Now just relax." Haru struggles, but he's shoved down as his insides are exploited.... A forbidden love between a sadistic and obsessed older brother and a younger brother who acts very much like a small animal!


Yaoi_MangaBrothers_etcSadistic_Boyfriend100pts-199pts Completed

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Oniichan no Iutori Mou Yurushitekudasai

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As My Brother Wills -please, no more...! EP01

Pages: 34

As My Brother Wills -please, no more...! EP02

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As My Brother Wills -please, no more...! EP03

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