For nineteen-year-old Rika, cosplay is her life! And as now she's finally out of high school she must bear the weight of an ambition she can't share with anyone ... One day, she meets a high-school student who she seems to get along with on a dating site, and before she knows it, she's arranged to meet up with him IRL. The only catch is that he still thinks she's in high school herself. He's younger than her, but he also seems to be her type... Can she really dive into a relationship while she's still cosplaying?! Plus: this volume includes three bonus side stories.


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Watari Sakou

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Japanese :

Cosplay Animal

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Cosplay Animal 1

Pages: 210

Cosplay Animal 2

Pages: 203

Cosplay Animal 3

Pages: 209

Cosplay Animal 4

Pages: 218

Cosplay Animal 5

Pages: 201

Cosplay Animal 6

Pages: 192

Cosplay Animal 7

Pages: 185

Cosplay Animal 8

Pages: 192

Cosplay Animal 9

Pages: 199

Cosplay Animal 10

Pages: 169

Cosplay Animal 11

Pages: 161

Cosplay Animal 12

Pages: 161

Cosplay Animal 13

Pages: 160

Cosplay Animal 14

Pages: 169

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