Black Cat Boyfriend

author :

Chisa Hirome


Lena is a college student who keeps getting dumped because her attitude isn't "cute" enough. On her way home from drowning her sorrows after getting dumped yet again one night, she finds a stray black cat. He doesn't seem like he's used to people and tries to resist, but she brings him home with her for some reason. Just when she thought the cat was sleeping next to her in bed, all of a sudden it's gone, but there's some strange man there?! Vol.1, 45 pages.



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author :

Chisa Hirome

JP Publisher :


Eng Publisher :

Manga Pangaea

Rating :


Japanese :

Kuroneko Kareshi Hatsujoki Kemono No Zetsurin Etchi Ni Gochui

Localization by :

Manga Pangaea

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Black Cat Boyfriend (1)

Pages: 55

Black Cat Boyfriend (2)

Pages: 52

Black Cat Boyfriend (3)

Pages: 50

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