There's No Escaping From My Clutches!

author :

Nagi Nasuka


Deep in a dark forest, two strange men are trying to gobble me up! After initially agreeing to an arranged marriage at her parent's behest, Kirika can't go through with the ceremony and runs out on her wedding still dressed in her bridal gown. After getting lost in a nearby forest, she's almost attacked by a wolf...! Luckily, a young man who happens to be passing by steps in and saves her from a grim fate...or so she thought. Why is her new savior licking her cheek and asking if he can partake in her bodily fluids?!



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author :

Nagi Nasuka

JP Publisher :


Eng Publisher :

Manga Pangaea

Rating :


Japanese :

Tabete Sawatte Nigasanai

Localization by :

Manga Pangaea

Item List Current ch. 1 completed

There's No Escaping From My Clutches!(1)

Pages: 59

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August 23, 2022 (JST)
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