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The Naughty Nian Monster Gets Punished Doggy-Style!

At the beginning of the Year of the Dog, divine guardian Kotenken visits the place where the nian monster was sealed away. Today is the day he's been waiting for. It's time for the beast to come out and play! He's brought the beast's favorite strawberry candy, looking forward to seeing his cute, sulky face. He'll taste that candy, all right, but... Kotenken gets to choose which hole!

The naughty, gluttonous nian monster gets sweet, sweet punishment from a god in dog form!

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The Naughty Nian Monster Gets Punished Doggy-Style!

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author : ArashiAlien publisher : Renta!TW series : Nian Monsters in Love Oitashita Nenju Inu Ni Shitsukerareru

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