User Reviews For: The Naughty Nian Monster Gets Punished Doggy-Style!


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Catattx13 Rating
… this is one of those one-shots you never admit out loud you've read, but the spine is cracking from over use, lol. TW: Non/Dub-con like relations, beastiality with knotting, and for the super prudes, the 1500 year old Nian Monster referred to himself as a child lol. This was smut on FIRE and I enjoyed every single page. I wish there was more, and I won't even try to lie and say it's for a plot line. Give me another chapter of smutty goodness!
myah6015 Rating
Very top-tier very satisfying very oh my God very much so like wow I did not expect that the end is just a masterpiece it's just something out of a different world a different world
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