The Tiger In The Bamboo Forest [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]

[A love fantasy between a gentle tiger and stubborn fox beast person] Fox beast person Azumane lives in the fall country in a village next to a bamboo forest, where a ferocious tiger is rumored to live. On a dare, Azumane enters the forest. There, Azumane meets Fumi, the tiger beast person. He panics over how big Fumi is, which upsets Fumi. Seeing Fumi get upset, Azumane realizes he's actually very gentle. He lets his guard down and gets closer to Fumi. The moment he touches Fumi, however, he feels himself go into heat for the first time! The two spend the next three days and nights together exploring their love, and Azumane realizes Fumi is his mate... what will become of this couple's future?

Includes a bonus Renta!-Only chapter!

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The Tiger In The Bamboo Forest [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]

Pages: 149

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author : Tamaki Kirishima publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co., Ltd. Kisetsunokuni No Kemonotachi

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