User Reviews For: The Imperial Court Maiden's Curse [VertiComix]


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sasaraRH Rating
I love this series so much!The art and coloring are beautiful, the story is great, the plot/twists & details make you beg for more, and the characters are likable, and progressing wonderfully. This is a masterful piece of art. It has beauty, comedy, blooming romance(im only at ch. 19, im still on edge for the fullness of it), amazing plot and so much more.I highly recommend this story to anyone!! You will not be disappointed. If anything you will be wanting more.Lingling and Feng's story is truly something the more things unfold. I love the characters and their development.This really is a beautiful story and should be read. 5/5!Can not wait for more as i need more updates please!!
HaruriMei Rating
Love it!!! This series really is just so beautiful!! The plot is just so interesting that it made me want to read it again & again while i can't wait for the upcoming chapters!! At first I started reading because of the art is so beautiful ??, but now I'm also more into the amazing story/plot. I highly recommend this 10/10!! The characters are very likable and cute!? Looking forward for more Lingling and Feng's development in the story and their background story as well, they're just so adorable and CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE UPDATES !?? 10/10 plus!!!
LL Rating
Read 1-7. The art is gorgeous, especially the backgrounds. The story is ok so far, I'm intrigued by what's going on with Lingling, but the simple dialogue and shallowness of background characters does not help to flesh out the story. (Pet peeve of mine is when almost every other female character is inexplicably cruel to the main character, as if women are always jealous of each other. Far too common in shoujo.) The main characters so far don't have a lot of depth, but I am still early in the story. It's a very easy and quick read.
Ziaheart Rating
Pretty art. No romance to speak of for the first 7 chapters. Country girl gets bullied by mean city girls. That part seems pretty cliche. The mystery of the curse is pretty intriguing, though. I'm curious what her anklet has to do with anything, and if the woman who took her in is as she appears.
ebookrenta022tf42oi Rating
Wow! Okay, so I started reading 1-7 since they were free. But then I bought 8 to 13 as well! Will definitely keep reading. The art is stunning, and the characters are interesting. I like the world they've created too. I can't wait to see how Lingling and Feng's romance develops. There are some other hot guys too! I appreciate the plethora of eye candy.
ohwow Rating
The plot in the early chapters is two things. One, the protagonist thinking about and describing people. Two, she's being bullied. The plot is building into something about demons being obsessed with and attacking her, which might develop into something interesting in the future, but it's poorly paced. None of the points can really be interesting because I, the reader, have to be introduced to and invested in all of them at once to keep track of what's going on. This makes the story feel disjointed, as does a lack of clarity in how much time passes between scenes.
AlmostActivist Rating
Read 1-7. Enjoyed it. Characters are interesting, will be good to see how they interact together. Feng and the emperor should be funny, as love happens and the stoic kid gets teased by the experienced husband. And concubine shuang seems witty <3 The drama is believable, not too cringe, thankfully. The art is well done too! I enjoy the color verticomix/webtoons style a lot, and there's some lovely detail in the color And I think the action flows well with the format.
Makaia Rating
I love this so much. The art style,coloring, and plotline are amazing. The characters are well developed and fun to read about.
Armypixie Rating
This story is so cute. I feel like there is more to the MC than what we've been told so far and I can't wait to watch it unfold. The ML is extremely considerate which comes across as cold in the beginning but it's nice to see the care he gives the MC. It's a well thought out story that I really enjoy reading!
TanishaWasham Rating
If you like long detailed stories then this one is a must read. Has just the right amount of mystery, jealous rivals, a little humor, and of course the sweet budding romance between the two main characters.