"The die-hard fan Ara gets caught between her idol Joon and his brother Hyun, who starts working at her restaurant!" Giddy with excitement, Ara hires Hyun as a manager for her restaurant. Her ulterior motive is to get closer to his brother Joon, who is the lead singer of the boy band 'Shooting Stars'. Although she is secretly fangirling over Joon and even tries to meet him, her heart starts racing for Hyun, too. Not only do Hyun and Ara feel mutual sympathy, but they also genuinely share their love for Korean food. All of a sudden, it becomes unclear who she really likes...



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Art :

Jinhee Kim

Adaptation :

Heyjin Jeon

Story :

Sungyeon Kim

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Item List Current ch. 73 completed

New Release: Jun 4, 2024 (JST)

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