The Island Of Dragons In Love

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After graduating high school, Nijino takes up part-time work to cover his little sister's medical bills?until the day his "destiny" arrives in the form of Byakuya, a white-haired, imposing man who is supposedly an ancient legendary dragon. Soon enough, the dragon rips off his clothes and gives him a mind-blowing experience... and a lucrative one, at that. In exchange for money, Nijino gives up his freedom to Byakuya, though his doubts about their arrangement grow. But, he can't deny that sleeping with Byakuya gives him a thrill. It's as if Byakuya only has eyes for him... What is this feeling...!?
This is a collection of stories about two dragons who journey through multiple lives to find their destiny!Includes two bonus pages!!


Yaoi_MangaBeast_PeopleMythical_BeingsFantasyLocalized by Renta Full Volume/Tankobon

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Taiyoh Tosho

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Koisuru Ryuno Shima

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The Island Of Dragons In Love

Pages: 216

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