Sparks fly when high school delinquent Tsubaki antagonizes the leader of a local trash pick-up gang, the Iberico Pigs... except instead of going on one of his famous rampages, Iberico invites Tsubaki out to dinner instead. As the two of them spend more time together, will their relationship be nipped in the bud by Tsubaki's uncertainty, the Pigs' jealousy, or Iberico's family ties to organized crime Meanwhile, a members of Iberico's crew hides a painful past can he find it in himself to open up his heart to another In a comedic, tender, awkward, and sometimes deadly serious tale of high school trash pick-up gangs, environmental conscientiousness, and real-life mobsters, Iberico & Love & Camellia follows the mutual support and growing heartfelt feelings between rough-and-tumble young men. NOTE:This book is intended for mature audiences aged 18 and over.Content warnings include: explicit sex; violence; homophobia; stalking, grooming & sexual abuse of a teenager by an adult; rape (and videotaping of the assault); drug distribution and forced drugging


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Ibericobutato Koito Tsubaki

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Iberico Pork & Love & Camellia

Pages: 179

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