She loves meat and fried foods, and eats only karaage bento. Wearing exclusively clothes with weird characters printed on them, her fashion sense is practically non-existent. No confidence in her own looks. Extreme social anxiety. She speaks with a country drawl, and even her name is unusual. But then Mame (born in Tottori prefecture) was discovered by an intimidating, bespectacled rookie manager, and now begins the arduous task of getting her ready for auditions! The road to Top Model looks awfully steep from here.


Shojo_MangaComedy Full Volume/Tankobon

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Sachi Miyabe

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Mame Coordinate, Volume 1

Pages: 211

Mame Coordinate, Volume 2

Pages: 193

Mame Coordinate, Volume 3

Pages: 199

Mame Coordinate, Volume 4

Pages: 195

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