SUBTLETY IS FOR WIMPS! She . . . is a secondyear high school student with a single allconsuming question: Will the boy she likes ever really notice her? He . . . is the school's most notorious juvenile delinquent and he's suddenly come to a shocking realization: He's got a huge crush, and now he must tell her how he feels. Lifechanging obsessions, colossal foulups, grand schemes, deepseated anxieties, and raging hormones?School Rumble portrays high school as it really is: overthetop comedy!


Shojo_MangaRomComSchool_LifeAnime/Movie from Manga Full Volume/Tankobon

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Jin Kobayashi

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School Rumble

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Item List Current ch. 18 completed

New Release: Oct 5, 2023 (JST)

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School Rumble 1

Pages: 188

School Rumble 2

Pages: 188

School Rumble 3

Pages: 190

School Rumble 4

Pages: 188

School Rumble 5

Pages: 189

School Rumble 6

Pages: 189

School Rumble 7

Pages: 185

School Rumble 8

Pages: 175

School Rumble 9

Pages: 174

School Rumble 10

Pages: 175

School Rumble 11

Pages: 176

School Rumble 12

Pages: 172

School Rumble 13

Pages: 175

School Rumble 14

Pages: 175

School Rumble 15

Pages: 169

School Rumble 16

Pages: 171

School Rumble 17

Pages: 163

School Rumble 18

Pages: 164

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