They may look like bad news, but these rough-and-tumble guys are the helpful Iberico Pigs, a local trash pick-up gang! In the aftermath of shaking off a pushy stalker, Yoshimune, the Pigs' second in command, agrees to a fling with fellow member Genji. But past trauma and old hurts cause things to take a turn for the awkward, and when it doesn't work out, Yoshimune fully expects that to be the end of the 'benefits' part of their friendship.But now that he's had a taste, the strong and stoic Genji only has eyes for Yoshimune... and for his part, Yoshimune has never had anyone touch or treat him with such careful consideration before. Can the two of them find a way to turn the tentative intimacy between them into something more?NOTE: This book contains explicit sexual content and mature themes. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. This title is a spinoff of "Iberico Pork & Love & Camellia."


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Iberikobuta to Koi No Dorei

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Iberico Pork & Slave of Love, Volume 1

Pages: 181

Iberico Pork & Slave of Love, Volume 2

Pages: 185

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