Kai Igarashi was often bullied because of his girly face back in high school, but ever since Izumi Tachibana saved him, he's been stalking her out of love.
His kinda twisted love makes her an object of worship to him, but unfortunately for him, she's into "strong and dependable men," so he's totally off her radar as a boyfriend.
One day, a friend of Izumi's tells her, "How about going for a different type from time to time?" and so she agrees to go on a date with Kai.
That date allows her to discover his usually hidden gentlemanly side, and she agrees to try going out with him in response to his earnest feelings.
After a few weeks of dating, he's as pious as ever, not making any moves on her, and Izumi starts to think that she's got no womanly appeal, so she decides to take the initiative...

An innocent cherry boy hero (bottom?) and a proactive heroine (top)!
His life of adulation's changing... or is it!!!!????


Mature_Romance_MangaRomComClassmatesCollegeLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts

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EIWA Publishing Inc.

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Kawaii Stalkerkun ha Izumisama wo Dekiai Suhai Shiteorimasu

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