My Darling Has My Favorite [Plus Digital - Only Bonus Page]


It's said that the people in this world have evolved from their cat ancestors.
Both males and females can give birth.

Masachika's a famous actor. His husband, Grim, hosts his own radio show.
Despite being worried at first about their age gap and difference in status, Grim is soon overcome by Masachika's extreme love and the two marry.
Masachika starts his life as a newlywed!

However, as an actor, he's so popular that his schedule is overwhelming and the two have trouble finding the time to spend and enjoy with each other.
Masachika's feeling unsatisfied, but one moment in front of his man has him weak in the knees. Grim can't help loving that about him.
Their thoughts and love for each other growing deeper by the moment, Masachika goes out on an extended shoot.
After two weeks go by, his texting with Grim becomes scarcer and scarcer until eventually it stops altogether...!

The fourth book in this omniverse with cat men in heat!

Extreme love story between a hot, needy actor and his new husband, a radio personality who knows how to rein him in.

Includes bonus stories.
Includes six digital-only pages.

This is the fourth volume in the "Saving My Favorite For Last" series! It is the direct sequel to "Having My Favorite In The Middle Of The Night."


Yaoi_MangaBeast_PeopleMythical_BeingsFantasyMarriageLocalized by Renta Full Volume/Tankobon

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Takeshobo co.,ltd.

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Kobutsu wa Itoshii Anata no Hara no Naka

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My Darling Has My Favorite [Plus Digital - Only Bonus Page]

Pages: 237

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