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val Rating
This volume was an absolute delight! As soon as I got the notification that it was out, I rushed to get it and read through it. All of my expectations were completely blown out of the water with this one, it's probably my favorite in the whole series!!!! I absolutely LOVE Grim so much, and it's really exciting seeing his personality grow throughout the volume. Tsurusawa-sensei has done such a fantastic job with the series, I couldn't recommend it more! The art is gorgeous, the plot is heartfelt with the right amount of drama and intrigue, and the characters themselves are so easy to fall in love with. I'd give this even more stars if I could! Loved every minute of it!!!
MioAkiyama Rating
Loving this couple a lot. sad that we will never see their kids born and stuff even tho they are having so much sexy time and impregnating their other half that MUCH!!! anyways enjoy the evolved version of their relationship and their ups and downs!
animepie Rating
That was amazing. Grim is so my type. He is so sexy omfg. I love how loving and supportive these newlyweds are. I had to reread the whole series after so long and regret nothing.