When Luanna was 13, her parents were murdered, and the shock caused her magical powers to blossom. It's been 3 years since Luanna, known as the most powerful witch in the country, met Kurs who was an ordinary man. Although he's yelled at daily by the passionate Luanna, Kurs is madly in love with her and devotes himself to her. He also tries to be the best househusband. However, Luanna is finally ready to leave their peaceful days behind. This is all to achieve her own dream. What's more, her husband, Kurs, has a secret that he keeps from his wife. Will Luanna be able to fulfill her dream while receiving the unconditional love of her husband? A fantasy of love and drama. This is the official comic book adaptation of the novel published by EVERYSTAR!


Shojo_MangaFantasyLove_StoriesMarriageFull_Color_MangaVertiComixFree1pt-99ptsUpgrade Completed

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Original Story :

Mizuhara chihiro

Studio :


publisher :

YUZU comics

Japanese :

Saikyo no Majo to Sono Otto

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Media Do

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